Information on shops

  • Sakai's long-established Japanese restaurant engraved in nearly 70 years history

★ ★ All rooms complete private room ★ ★ Please enjoy seasonal kaiseki dishes and special sake

  • A long-established refreshment restaurant serving a generous taste in the area of ​​Sakai.

    A variety of dishes, dishes, dishes, dishes of dishes, which are culinary delicacy moon cake moon, which has skillful craftsmanship and colorful seasonal taste fascinatingly enjoying the seasonal dish, aroma, taste, seasonal atmosphere drifly.

    Please have a lovely entrance and play space with tsubaai, a quiet private room, attentive customer service.

    Please enjoy yourself at a relaxing time in a quiet room.

  • Seasonal fresh seasonal ingredients, seafood dishes that used luxurious seafood fortune, such as ingredients and cooking, as well as old-fashioned meal plants stuck to the cuisine's appearance and space making.

    Various rooms tailored to the number of people can be used up to 60 people ☆ Relax slowly in a complete private space.

    Please use for meals with your family and friends.